The Grover Pro Tunable Tambourine

Tunable, Customizable Tambourine

Grover Tunable Tambourine with Neil Grover

The NEW Grover Pro Tunable Tambourine is the world’s most versatile concert tambourine! It is perfect for percussionists who prefer a natural skin head, but play in hot or humid environments that make it impossible to keep tight head tension.

Our tunable model solves slack head issues by utilizing miniature titanium tuning pins which are totally captive inside the tambourine shell wall. With a quick turn of the Grover tuning key (included) your natural skin tambourine head can spring back to life even under the most extreme weather conditions!

What’s more is that 18 of the jingles are removable and replaceable with one of four hand-hammered alloys which can be purchased separately from Grover Pro. Customize jingle configurations to your heart or ear’s delight and create your own sound profile.

These advanced features were not available on professional-level tambourines until now. These advanced tunable tambourines are available in limited quantities—order one today!

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