Grover Pro Concert Tambourines

Found in the world’s finest concert halls, Grover Pro concert tambourines have been resounding with crystal-clear clarity and full, rich, timbres for over 30 years!  Our tambourines have gained worldwide recognition from professional percussionists. Orchestral percussionists choose Grover Pro concert tambourines above all others!

Each and every Grover Pro tambourine is thoughtfully designed and manufactured to produce the wide range of sonorities that top orchestral and concert percussionists demand.

Our meticulous New England craftsmen painstakingly handcraft each concert tambourine one at a time. Each and every one of our concert tambourines begins life in the skilled hands of an experienced artisan and ends up in the hands of the world’s most demanding concert percussionists, like you!

When you buy our concert tambourine, you will be receiving an instrument with these benefits:

  • Double Row staggered jingle configuration – for superior evenness of sound
  • Solid New England hardwood shell – strong and lightweight
  • Dual-width jingle slots – will guarantee smoother rolls
  • Captive jingle pins – will never come out
  • Choice of five distinctive alloys – distinctive sound profiles
  • Unconditional guarantee of quality
  • Made in the USA
  • Free tambourine bag & Roll Ring™
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In 1980, we were the first company to elevate the status of the orchestral tambourine to a high-quality, refined, professional-level concert tambourine.  We pioneered the dual-width jingle design, which sets up overlapping oscillation of jingles and results in much smoother rolls.  We were the very first company to offer jingles made out of multiple alloys such as Beryllium Copper. By cross-mating German Silver and Phosphor Bronze alloys, Grover Pro introduced percussionists to the concept of fully “integrated jingles”.  We were the first company to produce a head wax specifically formulated to facilitate finger rolls.  We were the only company to design and include a tambourine bag with every concert tambourine. We invented the tapered grip area, to make our orchestral tambourine easier to grip. Our Roll, Ring introduced in 2012, make finger rolls easy and consistent, even for student percussionists.

When it comes to pro-quality concert tambourines for symphonic and orchestral percussionists, Grover Pro stands alone!