Grover Pro Concert Castanets

* Patent-Pending Design * Made in the USA *

Grover Pro Castanets

For over 30 years percussionists have asked us to make castanets that meet the same unparalleled standard of our tambourines and triangles… Well, the wait is over!

Features include:

  • Patent-pending internal tensioning system that allows for equal tensioning and greater articulation at all dynamic levels
  • Made from the same wood and in the same profile as those used by master castanet makers in Spain
  • Lightweight, positive grip handle
  • Sold in pairs and includes protective storage pouch
  • Made in the USA

Grover Pro Concert Castanets have been designed from the ground up, specifically with the symphonic percussionist in mind. They are the only castanets that operate using a patent-pending internal tensioning system created by Neil Grover.

Grover Pro CastanetsThe wooden castanets themselves are shaped using CNC technology. The profile is based on the shape used by the master castanet craftsmen in Spain. Granadillo wood has been chosen for its strong and characteristic articulation properties. Granadillo has been used by the master castanet makers in Spain for decades. We cut all four castanets per set from 1 piece of wood. This ensures consistency in sound and color.

The tensioning system is easily adjusted by turning a low-profile, ergonomic knob at the bottom of the handle. The tensioning mechanism is completely internal, so it won’t interfere with your hand position while you play.

The handle body is made of aircraft-grade aluminum tubing that has a molded outer covering. The handle is both lightweight and easy to grip.

Unlike other adjustable castanets which feature systems that allow only one castanet of the pair to move, our castanets have been developed so that both sides are tensioned and move equally. This is an important design feature which assures the player of consistent and accurate articulations at any dynamic level. Once you try our system you’ll instantly appreciate the insightful design features and superior performance characteristics.

Each pair of Grover Pro Concert Castanets comes with a protective storage pouch.


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