Mark_Stevens In 1967, Mark Stevens invented the Mark Tree® bar chime, which has become an important member of the percussion batterie. Mark has been one of the busiest and most recorded percussionists in the LA studio scene for over 4 decades !

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About the Author

Neil W. Grover holds the unique distinction of having performed with one of the world’s foremost orchestras, the Boston Symphony; with legendary rock bands like Aerosmith; and on John Williams’ soundtrack for Indiana Jones & The Temple of Doom. For the past 28 years, Neil has gained worldwide visibility in the percussion section of the famed Boston Pops. Neil is one of the music industry’s most requested clinicians. Neil is the author of Four Mallet Primer, and also co-author (with Garwood Whaley) of Triangle, Tambourine and Cymbal Technique, both published by Merideth Music. Neil has had numerous articles published in leading music journals including, Percussive Notes, School Band & Orchestra, and Drum Tracks. In addition, he has been the subject of feature articles in Percussive Notes, Modern Drummer, School Band & Orchestra, Drum Tracks, and Musical Merchandise Review. As the Founder and President of Grover Pro Percussion, Neil Grover has been the world’s leading exponent of raising the standards of percussion instrument design and manufacturing. He has recently been featured on two episodes of “How It’s Made”, which airs worldwide on the Discovery Channel. Neil Grover has been elected to six terms of office and has served on the Board of Directors of the Percussive Arts Society for 12 years. He is also a Trustee of the Winchester (Massachusetts) Community Music School, one of the country’s premier community music schools.

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